Barbershop Branding Gets Cool in Baltimore

Barbershop Branding Gets Cool in Baltimore

Royal-Razor-Baltimore-Barbershop-Barber-Shop-Multicultural-Black-Latino-BestAfter some careful consideration and really trying to figure out who the barbershop’s target demographic is, I have had the logo redesigned.  I think it fits who we are and who we want to attract here in Baltimore.

The logo is meant to have an interchangeable color schemes depending on the background and marketing campaign.  Not sure if magenta is going to remain the “standard’ logo color but it’s what we’re working with now.

I think it’s a great job by my graphic designer!

Please tell me how you feel about our new logo.


Royal Razor Barbershop will be offering grooming services for men such as fades, scissor cuts, and hot towel shaves.  The barbershop will specialize in cutting all hair types from black, Hispanic and other straight haired men.

Royal Razor
304 W. Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

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