University of Maryland Law Students started a Movember group and decided to let Anton of Royal Razor get them clean shaven to start the month off right.

Baltimore Barbershop Barber Haircut DSC_0514

Don’t forget to make your haircut appointment via the menu button.  Walk-ins are welcomed also.

Royal Razor Barbershop
304 W. Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

On Friday, 29 March 2013, from 10am till 7pm, Royal Razor Barbershop held a photo contest event with the opportunity to show how popular our clients are on Facebook.

1. Pay for your haircut/shape-up…or just come in!
2. Have your pic taken by our professional photographer and placed in the attached “I Royal Razor Bmore” template.
3. We upload it to the Royal Razor Facebook page.
4. You tag yourself in the photo.
4. At the end of two weeks, the person with the most likes and shares wins MONEY and prizes!

Please go to our Facebook page and vote for your favorite photos!

I like to thank PNC Bank and Miller-Coors brewing for their sponsorship and support!

Royal Razor Barbershop
304 W. Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Don’t forget to make your appointment via the menu button.  Walk-ins are welcomed also.

Last night the shop had a private event with Yelp and had special sponsorship from Courvoisier, and Two Boots Pizza!  We made some new friends, drunk some tasty cocktails, had some delicious pizza and gave away free cuts.

I would like to thank Elsa from Yelp for making all of this happen and we look forward to working with Yelp again.

Royal Razor Barbershop
304 W. Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Don’t forget to make your appointment via the menu button.  Walk-ins are welcomed also.

Next Wednesday, 16 January come hang with us from 5-9pm.  Free wine and light snacks.

Baltimore Barbershop Barber Shop JAN Event.00.58 PM

Royal Razor Barbershop
304 W. Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21201


Here’s a few photos from the event that were good enough to post.  It’s strange how drunken hands can’t take steady pictures.

Yelp and Royal Razor are throwing an exclusive Yelp Elite event on March 26th. We can’t wait to host the joint event at the barbershop!

Yelp is a local directory service with social networking and user reviews. had more than 71 million monthly unique visitors.

Will update you guys as the event gets closer.

yelp and Royal Razor

Royal Razor Barbershop
304 W. Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Our new friends at Gay Life, a local LGBT newspaper, has informed us that Royal Razor has been nominated for a B-Proud Award from Gay Life!

Winners will be showcased in the next issue of Gay Life, so please cast your vote for Royal Razor Barbershop today.

The GLCCB publishes Gay Life, produces Baltimore Pride, and provides numerous other services to Baltimore’s LGBT community.

Learn more about them on the web.  Like them on Facebook.

Gay Life Baltimore Royal Razor Barbershop

Being a neighbor of the famous Hippodrome Theater has its perks because sometimes we get some very special clients.  Last night, Noah Parets, the lead actor in Broadway musical, Billy Elliot, came in to get his hair cut by Jarrett.

Best Baltimore Barbershop Barber

Looking for a great hair cut in the center of multi-cultural downtown Baltimore? The best Baltimore barbershop in town is located right in the heart of the city, and if you haven’t made an appointment with Royal Razor yet, you are doing your hair a great disservice.

Why Royal Razor?

While most barbershops in Baltimore cater to a certain type of hair, Royal Razor knows no such discrimination. White, black, hispanic, or any ethnicity of hair is cut with precise care and experience in this culturally rich barbershop. For a loyal, friendly hair cutting experience, Royal Razor is the best Baltimore barbershop around.

Services Royal Razor Provides

From the simple hair cut to a classic shave, Royal Razor has you covered. The best part is that every hair cut ends with a luxury neck, shoulder, and head massage to put the client at ease, just like the good ‘ol days. Whether you need just a simple razor line up or someone to handle that crazy facial hair you can’t control, Royal Razor has you covered with smiling care and great one-on-one service. You won’t find this care and service anywhere else, which is part of what makes Royal Razor so special.

Appointments or Walk-ins

If you happen to be in the downtown Baltimore area enjoying the sights and hustle and bustle of the town, you can hop into Royal Razor for an impromptu hair cut. However, you can easily and quickly make an appointment with Royal Razor for hair cuts as well. Walk-ins are greatly appreciated, and you can easily make appointments online by going to

Why Royal Razor Stands Out

Part of what makes Royal Razor so great is their attention to the client and appreciation for ethnicity. In an area where multi-cultural living is thriving, it’s refreshing to have a barbershop who welcomes everyone in their realm. Royal Razor also values the needs of their clients in giving everyone a great hair cut and trim, razoring up the rough edges, and making sure every client leaves with a great smooth appearance and relaxed muscles on top of everything.

For all your hair cutting needs, and a true welcoming experience, visit Royal Razor today. The only real multi-cultural barbershop in Baltimore, you can be part of a great team and get wonderful service every time you walk in the door. Making an appointment is easy- visit today to make an appointment and see all the services the best Baltimore barbershop has to offer.

Royal Razor Barbershop
304 W. Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

We teamed up with local Baltimore men’s boutique, Different Regard, this past Wednesday, 28 November, and threw an event at the barbershop featuring their ready to wear collection and made-to-measure service.  We had a good turn out comprising of young professionals, artists, clients and neighborhood figures.

Free wine and food seems to draw a crowd…I wonder why?  LOL.

The event was a success…creating awareness for both brands, Different Regard and Royal Razor.

Starting in January, Royal Razor will be hosting monthly events to draw awareness to our brand and give something back to our clients.

I managed to take some pics before I got smashed.

Royal Razor Barbershop        Different Regard
304 W. Baltimore Street        841 N. Howard Street
Baltimore, MD 21201            Baltimore, MD 21201

Downtown Baltimore is really trying to up its image with vast city planning ideas and initiatives for economic growth.  The organization that is in charge of such progress is the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore (DPOB) and last night they presented me with an award for my efforts positively impacting the community and economic growth of downtown through the creation of Royal Razor.

Last night the DPOB had its annual meeting/party, honoring business and community leaders of downtown.  Kirby Fowler, the president of DPOB, did a great job of organizing the event, the Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, spoke and of course, yours truly brought class to the joint.

I would really like to thank Mackenzie Paull and the Downtown Partnership for their help over the last year, recognition of my hard work, and for showcasing Royal Razor in the 2012 Annual Report.

Royal Razor Barbershop and local Baltimore street wear brand, Agio Life, are teaming up to throw an event at Royal Razor on 7 November 2012.

Agio Life makes some really cool items for those with great taste and style.  Their items will be on sale at the event.

So come out cut listen to some great music and meet some cool people.  Look for future details about the event.

Glenford Nunez is a Baltimore photographer and creative force behind his own production company, TYP Photography Studio.  Mr. Nunez was recently recognized by the Baltimore City Paper as the winner of the “Best Photograpny Series”.

Be as cool as Glen and get a great haircut at our shop:

Royal Razor Barbershop
304 W. Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21201


Best Photography Series – Glenford Nunez’s TYP Photography Studio’s The Coiffure Project

Published: September 19, 2012

TYP Photography Studio, 11 N. Eutaw St., (410) 660-5134

Local fashion photographer Glenford Nunez has shot some slick fashion spots for the likes of Relapse magazine and The Washington Post, but images that we just can’t turn away from fill up his Coiffure Project series. The idea is brilliantly simple: attention-grabbing photographs of black women with their natural hair. Nunez appears to be a detail-oriented photographer, as both his black-and-white and color images bear the mark of an eye attuned to how light is going to play off eyes, skin, and hair, and the results are striking photos of black women that are simultaneously fashion magazine-glamorous and 1968 raised-fist politically potent.