And The Barbershop Contest Winner Is….Jason

And The Barbershop Contest Winner Is….Jason

On Friday, 29 March 2013, Royal Razor Barber Shop held its first promotional photo contest event with the opportunity for our clients to show how popular they are on Facebook in an effort to win CASH and prizes!!!!

1. Pay for your haircut/shape-up…or just come in!
2. Have your pic taken by our professional photographer and placed in the attached “I Royal Razor Bmore” template.
3. We upload it to the Royal Razor Facebook page.
4. You tag yourself in the photo.
4. At the end of two weeks, the person with the most likes and shares wins MONEY and prizes!

At the end of two weeks, Jason was crowned the World Champion…not really but he won some good stuff!

Jason has won:

1. $100 cash card from PNC Bank
2. $50 gift card from DTLR
3. A case of Miller-Coors brand beers

Sponsorship was provided by PNC Bank, Miller-Coors Brewing, Jon-Michael Moses Photography, and DTLR.

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