Royal Razor Barbershop Taking Shape

Royal Razor Barbershop Taking Shape

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Guys I’ve been super busy with building Baltimore’s next great barbershop, Royal Razor!

The space was officially turned over to me on 26JUN and I’ve basically been living in the shop.  I’ve been building stations, helping old delivery men bring in heavy barber chairs, holding meetings, working with city inspectors, ordering additional items, holding more meetings, and doing countless other tasks.  I almost want to buy a sofa bed for my office but I’d probably sleep there every night instead of going home.

The space is starting to come alive with every equipment/furniture delivery.  It’s very interesting to see my idea turn into reality.

Take a look at the progression of Royal Razor so far.


Royal Razor Barbershop, in Baltimore, MD, will be offering grooming services for men such as fades, scissor cuts, and hot towel shaves.  The barbershop will specialize in cutting all hair types from black, Hispanic and other straight haired men.

Royal Razor
304 W. Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

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