November 2011

In tough financial times and being a downtown Baltimore barbershop startup, Royal Razor has been searching for additional funding of my first hair cutting location. After months of endless submission of documents, PNC and Royal Razor Barbershop are doing business.

Financing a start up is difficult.  It’s so crazy…if I wanted to buy a $60,000 car I can get financed in an hour.  But when I wanted to borrow $25,000 for a business I had to be put through an obstacle course of paperwork and scrutiny like no other.

However, all of that is water under the bridge.  I’ve got the money and they’ve earned my trust and loyalty.

Royal Razor is working on becoming a real business in downtown Baltimore.  I am currently working out the lease and in talks with the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development for additional financing.

Royal Razor will offer grooming services for men such as fades, scissor cuts, and hot towel shaves.  The barbershop will specialize in cutting all hair types from black, Hispanic and other straight haired men.